Voip Telecom Provider 

Business Telecommunications

We are a Wholesale Telecommunications Company bridging a platform between carriers and countries worldwide.


Qred formed in 2006 for the sole purpose of providing voip wholesale VOIP termination to the market.

We focus on the needs of customers seeking a quality and stability of service that their business can depend on.

Qred has been at the leading edge since 2006 and has the experience and resources you can rely on.

Offering high quility cli and non cli routes, we have interconnects with some of the big Telecom providers all over the world.

 We have interconnected with global network providers through our various points of presence. This enables us to successfully operate as a prominent UK carrier services provider that is globally competitive in terms of cost and availability through a well devised A-Z call termination.

We consistently monitor the traffic to ensure that connected VoIP carriers get the best quality. Our Customers are being offered the highest quality of wholesale services.